I Miss my (Other) Past

I remember when I was in Elementary to Junior High School, I was very addicted to The Sims, from The Sims original to The Sims 2. After that, I grew up and felt it boring LOL. Well, what I love when I play the simulation games like The Sims or SimCity (FYI, Simcity is the game that I have constantly played since High School till now. I love this game so much!) is I can have another life. I feel that I can forget my problem just for a while and take a "vacation" to another place.

Now, I try to play The Sims again. Initially, I wanted to find out something that I can use to design my dream house. Google Sketch Up seemed too complicated for me. Other free applications both for Android and PC seemed the same way. Because they actually are made for Architects and they provide real measurement and other stuffs for real design of house. I just needed something that easy to use, but be able to show 3D perspective, and moreover I wished I can play it with some simulation humans in it xD

I remember that at college life I was playing The Sims 3. But at that time I was not too excited because it was boring and I preferred to play SimCity instead as it suited my major in university. Recently, I just realized that The Sims 3 was the best choice for me to design house. It is 2009 game and doesn't require high requirement, though I think it has adequate 3D graphics and smooth movement, like it just needs 512 MB RAM as minimal requirement. OMG, nowadays PC/laptop always provides 2 GB RAM as the minimum specs and 512 is just insanely too low. I was so happy! Eventually, I installed it in my laptop and yes, I can build my house now, wohooooo!

I like to design some like tiny house or small house which requires us to make limited space efficiently. I'm always so excited when I browse web and find tiny house design from container or just small cube and it looks so spacey due to the good interior design. I want to build that one.

And here it is my first 2 stories small house design. I don't know how many meter square my house area hahaha but compared to sims size (and compared to regular original house provided by the game LOL) it looks small. Actually, I really wanted to build tiny house but because the sims can't tolerate human circulation trick so that seemed impossible :(

My Small House
My house's First Floor comprises of living room, study room/mini library, kitchen and dining room, and a bathroom. Actually I think the study room is redundant but Idk I really want that room, something like just a small room to stay alone and enjoy daydreaming or reading book. I also add a sliding door just to make alternative escape.

First floor, ah looks homey!
First floor another side
Second Floor is only for 2 bedrooms and amazingly a bathroom. For making this floor right, it was too complicated honestly. The reason was again that The Sims couldn't tolerate circulation trick. It couldn't accept a double-bed located right next to the wall. It should be located in the middle and this really drove me crazy then. But after tried so many alternatives, I found the best one. One thing that I really like from this house is I can make a very small bathroom even though the space is very limited hahahaha...

To make it more attractive and challenging, I didn't use any cheats. I preferred to earn money from work and built the house from that money. What a life! Hahaha...

Second Floor from bird view
Second Floor Plan

The bonus from playing The Sims 3 is I can simulate myself finally married and make a family with my girlfriend. Before it really happens, I can make it as if it is real. What an amusing game, right? Hohoho...


  1. You should prob try to squeeze in a toilet downstairs as well...

    1. That can't be done by The Sims system. Below downstairs must be clear :')


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